The first home plate to track balls, strikes, pitch trajectory and speed, all displayed in real time on any device.

Key Features:

  • Calls balls and strikes in games or in practice
  • Portable – Pick up and take with you to next field
  • Actionable analytics – track every pitch thrown
  • Watch every pitch digitally like you are seeing on TV
  • Performance and health monitoring

Imagine the grid you’ve seen on television watching an MLB game, which displays the location of each pitch, the trajectory, and the speed. While that technology is really cool and makes watching the game much more enjoyable, it’s not accessible for any other level of baseball being played because of its high cost, and need to place permanent cameras and radar throughout the stadium.

Until now!
Plate Vision, utilizing the latest optical technology, can capture and display all of the data that a major league game does and bring it to every baseball field and practice facility in the world. And the best thing is that it is portable too, so after the game or practice session is over, you can pick up the Plate Vision and take it to the next game or practice session.

How it works
The patented optics technology is embedded in the plate itself. It’s designed to capture the data as the ball comes across along the plate. This allows the plate to transmit the data and a view of the strike zone grid, to determine balls and strikes while displaying the exact location of the pitch and its speed – All of it can be viewed in real time to anyone with a mobile device. All of this valuable data is being captured so that the pitcher, coach, trainer or parent can go back at anytime and run analytics that include performance monitoring and management of overall health concerns.

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